Monday, 4 May 2009


Just spent a fantastic couple of weeks travelling round some of the islands in the south of Thailand.
This surely earns me enough brownie points with Mrs C to enable me to spend the rest of the summer on the river bank.

The angling bug got the better of me though & after several Singhas & Sangsom buckets I got chatting to a Mr Sak who promised me a 80-90% chance of landing a Sailfish!

Here's Mr Sak skippering his Longtail boat - basically a long wooden skiff with a dirty diesel engine attached to the back, powering a propellor at the end of a long shaft... genius!

First off, we jigged some feathers for the live bait.

Then we set them off in a channel & waited... alas no Sailfish were hooked, just this Garfish looking thing with some mad dentistry!


Anonymous said...

hiya nick,

nice garfish type thing!

not really been out fishing as have been waylaid a little. need to take a leaf out of your book and arrange a charter.

send me news!


Nick Carter said...

you been kidnapped by FARC again?