Saturday, 23 May 2009

jurassic tarn

Working in Preston yesterday afternoon gave me the opportunity to hop up the M6 towards the Lakes & search out some new water. On getting to the water it started raining & there was an intermittently gusting Westerly. Some fish were fin & tailing while feeding just below the surface so I opted to fish with buzzer & Diawl Bachs. After several swirls & plucks at the flies a fish took and just shot off pinging strait through the leader, not what I was expecting from a tarn trout. I stepped up to a 4lb leader & hooked up with a powerful fish that shot off on several huge runs, just as I though I was taming it & bringing it in on the reel, it shot off again & as the reel span the handle hit my thumb stalling it & allowing the fish snap clean through the line.

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Matthew Eastham said...

That's a new one to me Nick. I don't expect you to divulge the it a wild fishery?