Friday, 15 June 2012

Is it possible to catch a trout on your lunch break in the city centre?

This has been a challenge I set myself this season, that from leaving my desk in central Manchester I can get to the water, set up, fish, catch, tackle down & be back at my desk within the hour.
So far I've had several failed attempts but yesterday I failed my mission in spectacular fashion!

The method to achieve the goal is part spinning class, part Clark Kent style speed changing, single dry fly set up to target a rising fish between 1-2pm when there's a hatch coming off. That translates to10 mins hoofing it across town on the bike, 5 mins to set up, 30 mins fishing, 5 to tackle down & another 10 to get back to the office.

To succeed you'll need a bike, a rod, chest waders, knowledge of the river & a good measure of luck. I would advise caution also, it pays to keep your wits about you as river courses through urban areas tend to be the more secluded places especially the more trouty ones and naturally these out of the way places are a magnet for a variety of miscreants. On a recent failed attempt a 18 stone man looking like a cross between a bad transgender & an escaped mental patient came lummoxing towards me down a cut off bit of river bank in a wig, ill fitting dress & hob nail boots  & was only deterred by me picking up a brick & telling him to fuck off!

Colleagues love a stinky net

Bike stashed in river for security

So with a weather front coming in on Friday I decided Thursday would be my best chance for while. Following the method set out above I got to a stretch where I'd previously spotted a fish and luckily there it was sipping down upwingeds. On was tied a jingler, a fly that I've been loving ever since Matt Eastham espoused of their effectiveness( First cast the fly was supped down with a large swirl and then all hell broke lose for the next 20 odd minutes as a right chunky brownie tore all over the river.

 What a beaut!

A proper chunk at 4lb 11oz

I eventually got back to the office after a hour and a half, completely buzzing much to the bemusement of my colleagues. So again I failed, this attempt my time keeping let me down... Oh well. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Urban Trouting


Grayson Perry with a trout

I concur

Friday, 1 June 2012

Humpy Boggart

He uses Humpys & he's a Boggart...