Friday, 22 June 2007

Bread Fly

As the rivers are all flooded...
... went carping on the bread fly

Monday, 18 June 2007


I'm going to start building an arc soon if it doesn't stop raining! As we arrived at Hayeswater carpark the mother of all downpours hit us, so with umbrellas aloft we set off up the fells walking up Hayeswater Gill, by the time we arrived there was a break in the weather revealing the stunning ampitheatre of hayeswater with its mirrored surface reflecting the crags superbly.
The break in the weather lasted the rest of the day & we managed to fish till gone 9pm before setting off back down.
Angle Tarn with St Sunday Crags shrouded in clouds.
Caddis were the order of the day

On the return leg we decided to take a short cut strait down the slope between Prison Crag & Calfgate Gill to meet the path at the filter station, quite a hairy decent (the closeness of the contours gives a clue). Saw some deer on the way down, but Tom scared them by sliding past them at a rate of knots in his cagool & waterproof pants!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

He's got a chub on!

Got to the river early the other evening & as it was still bright and warm there wasn't much happening on the surface, so I decided to put a huge weighted streamer through some of the deeper glides until the flies started hatching. Casting this thing on a #5 line was tricky enough without having to negotiate the overhanging trees on the far bank, but I managed to plop it down amonst them and had a solid take after searching the pool for a few minutes. This fish felt different to the trout I was expecting and certainly didn't feel like the huge fish P.A. could see from his position on the bank above me, only when I managed to get its head up and saw the gaping mouth did I realise that I had a chub on! A first for the river & a first for the fly, I didn't realise they were this far upstream.