Thursday, 24 April 2008

Reward 4weighting

Finally, a couple of warmer days on the bounce has given me the chance to try out my new little brook rod with some of the dries I've been knocking out over winter.
These fish bend a 4 weight double
P.A with a lunker
Beautiful orange spots

Friday, 4 April 2008

1st of the season

While walking the hound in the morning I noticed a few Gnats buzzing around in the park so knew I'd have to get out that evening to try out some new emerger patterns I'd been tying before the predicted cold front blows in & plunges us back into wintery conditions just in time for the weekend.
There wasn't a great deal of surface action going on, but I saw the odd shy dimple under the far bank vegetation & this was enough to rig up & nice fine tapered leader connected to an Elk hair emerger I'd tied onto a klinkhamer hook, the fly worked perfectly with its Spartan like mane sitting high in the water with the tempting buggy body benieth.