Thursday, 14 May 2009


Just spent a few hours wading the river & ended up catching sweet F.A. This is pretty much unheard of on the stretches I fish at this time of year. Fair enough the conditions were not brilliant, there was a strong cold wind, nothing was really hatching & the bites I eeked out I managed to miss. I am starting to think that fish numbers are well down this season & it's not just my bad timing & technique. Mike (manchester fishing fiend) has reported similar findings on his blog & heard stories of people meat fishing the area. Wild Trout poulations are delicate enough especially with the pressures of Mink, Goosanders, pollution & gypos meat fishing... you can trap Mink & shoot Goosanders but, how you gonna get across the notion of catch & release to some scrote raised on findus crispy pancakes!

Anyhow, here's a nice picture of some Bluebells.


Tony said...

Went on over the weekend, managed two fish between us, last year would have had....... well you know dont you.
Numbers are well down apart from the one I caught not so much a sniff also not one rise !!! fished hard and in all the normal places, I would say the average size is up mainly because the small fish have gone. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Bad news all round.

Nice bluebells though.