Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Dirty Old Town

Ahhhh bucolic Salford! - Spent an enjoyable evening down the ship canal with Mike last week among the Herons, Waterfowl & freely rising fish, the calm waters were only intermittently interupted by a booming cox from one of the sweeping skiffs - surely a scene more reminiscent of Henly than Pomona Docks!

Is this a first for the ship canal? - a dry fly caught roach (pic courtesy of Mike - Manchester fishing fiend blog)


Unknown said...

The fishing wasn't fantastic, but it was great to explore new water and think about the possibilities that it might contain. I am sure that there are ferox in there but maybe our tactics need a little refinement. Location is the initial key and with hindsight i think we got it wrong.
After such a long period without any substantial rainfall, maybe our quarry might have been located in the more highly oxygenated environment of the weirpool rather than in the deeper water found in the ship canal.
I am sure that these once in a life time fish are there to be caught, its down to us to find out the tactics that work.

Well done for catching a fish using dry fly tactics on the ship canal - i bet the commuters on the tram couldnt believe their eyes seeing you cast a fly line on what without doubt must have been the most polluted water in Europe only 20 years ago- again - well done.

Anonymous said...

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