Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cheeky hour

I had to drop the motor into the garage and was told to come back in about hour, so knowing there was a stretch of river nearby I wandered off for a scramble around. I found an accessible section where I could flick a few flies out, wader-less and with the water chocolate coloured and racing through I was restricted to where I could fish. I started by searching out with a couple of nymphs but had nowt, then I stopped to take a call and while surveying the water I heard a gulp about a rod length up and a foot out from the near bank... "sorry, I'm going to have to call you back in a minute"!

I whipped off the point nymph and stuck a dry on, there it was again, gulp. 

First cast got blown up the bank. Second, too far out. Third, just right. As it drifted down it paused for a moment as it swirled in the eddy with the various flotsam, then GULP, ZZZZZZZZZIP, JUMP, SPLOOSH! The fish then ploughed out into the current with it's head down.
I was buzzing, It's great to have a wildy bend your 4wt double.  Happy I headed back to collect the car. On the way back I returned the dropped call... "Sorry about that, I just got tied up".

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