Saturday, 11 April 2009


Spotted a pod of three fish sipping down flies tight to the near bank under some branches & managed to waft a little EHC just in front of them with a side cast. With a big swirl the fish took & shot off upstream jolting the rod forward & stripping line. It jumped once trying to shake the fly then I didn't see it for the next five minutes as it bored up & down the river. As usual I'd forgotten my net so had to hand him in.
You can see the fly just knicked in the scissors.


Matthew Eastham said...

Corker Nick! You keep on nobbling them don't you? Well done mate.


Anonymous said...

jesus carter

fill me in......

dry or nymph.....

which stretch?

e mail me you fucker


Unknown said...

Now thats a cracker - i bet it led you up and down the river
Well Done.