Thursday, 28 February 2008


Went out to exorcise the demons of another unsuccessful trip out nyphing for Grayling by chucking out some big lures for dem dare toothy urban critters. Tried the big Perchy streamer again & immediately had a take that once again just let go & another fish taunting me by eye balling it all the way in to just below my feet!A change of fly was in order - this new fly, being a lot smaller & lot lighter, was a comparitive dream to cast but, that was by the by, the main reason in the switch was to use a less fussy lure where there'd be more chance of the Pike taking the hook than it's teeth setting into the fur n feather...
& it paid off, knicked it sweetly in the scissors!


Unknown said...

Nice fish Nick,
I was in two minds as to fish the Irwell yesterday but after four consecutive blanks decided to bash the roach at a commercial near Bolton.
Looks like rain for the weekend so water levels are going to shoot right back up :(

Tight Lines

Anonymous said...

nice work nick -

that pike looks plastic though!!!!

all joking aside, a cracking effort. you can keep the fly!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fly fishing for pike ...Brilliant will have to give that a th'bash ! nice one.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

An unknowm fish, the pike, where I live (South America).

I thought that the pike only was from Scandinavia.


Anonymous said...

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