Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taimen on a Shoestring

Mongolia, a country three times the size of France - the only map Stamfords had was half the size of an O.S!
The builders must have been pissed when they put this bridge up.
The majestic Chuluut Gol snaking through the steppe
Bending one in
Lenok Lewis!

Taimen a half - Author looking pissed on local moonshine with a nice Taimen.


Anonymous said...

nice work !


Jorge said...

Nice trip, and big taimen!

Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Eduardo and I´m from Argentina. I saw that you left a message on Jorge´s blog, so I decided to visit your blog. Pretty Cool

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Eduardo,

The Mongolia trip deserves more words, but unfortunately I am a lazy blogger - It has taken me 2 years just to post the photos!

Where do you fish in Argentina?