Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dickensian Salford.

Extract from Oliver:

Workhouse Boy:(Me) [Woken by boy pacing back an forth] Tom, give it a rest will ya? We're trying to sleep (Fish)
Hungry Boy(Mike): Can't sleep(fish). Too hungry. 
Workhouse Boy(Paul Carr): We're all hungry. 
Hungry Boy:(Mike) Yeah, but I'm scared. 
Workhouse Boy:(paul) Scared? Of What? 
Hungry Boy: I'm so hungry(Not had a f'kin sniff of a fish all day) I'm scared I might eat(poach the peg) the boy(Paul) that sleeps(fishes on the next peg) next to me. 


Matthew Eastham said...

Heh heh! Made my day, that did. God help his pupils, that's all I can say!

The Jassid Man said...

A pike like that one caught a grayling that I was playing. The grayling took my dry fly and the pike took my grayling and tormented it to a certain death. It was a nice river pike though.
Have fun,

salfordangler said...

brilliant stuff Nick!we def need to have a victorian fishing trip. I am thinking top hats and trout and a flogging for anyone who blanks Mike can have the gruel boiling away on his stove and it will be please chairman can we have some more. I reckon that urchin Tom would do the business again though he has the top hat fishing sussed

Unknown said...

Nice hat, were can I get one?